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I was only 12 years old when I realized I wanted to help others as a career. I grew up in South Africa but due to political climate, I moved with my family to the United Kingdom. Even from an early age, I was exposed to the needs and cultures of many types of people.

Educational Background

I completed my BSc in Psychology in the United Kingdom. On completion, I joined my family in the United States. I continued my education with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (Chapman University) and PsyD in Clinical Psychology (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology).

Therapeutic Experience

I have trained and worked in some incredible therapeutic environments. These varied experiences have been invaluable in shaping my philosophy.

In the UK, I worked at a suicide hotline during my BSc studies. This was a unique experience that helped to shape my professional direction.

While in my MFT program, I ran studies while working in a psychological research center. As an internship, I volunteered in the Capistrano school district, working on early prevention and behavioral modification in mental health, family, and self-issues. I also worked in a community clinic and a university setting seeing students.

My favorite training experience was my pre and post-doctoral volunteer work at Orangewood Children’s home in Orange, CA. Orangewood is temporary housing facility for minors removed from their parents for abuse and neglect. The children inspired me each day with their positive outlook, ability to overcome their experiences, and desire for healthy connection and self-growth.

My Practice

I've developed my own unique therapeutic style through many years of experience. As a result, I started my private practice, where I specialize in trauma and divorce.  My practice also includes marital (and premarital work); depression; anxiety; bereavement; as well as men’s and women’s issues. I work with children, adolescents, and adults.

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